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Welcome to, the website that allows you to play for free the best classic and modern Mega Man games, the friendly robot capable of taking on the special powers of its enemies. Are you ready for hours and hours of fun shooting with your proton blast?

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The Best Mega Man Games Online (Free)

Full of action and adventure, Mega Man games -developed by Capcom– were released on Nintendo NES system in the early 1990’s. It’s a highly acclaimed and beloved saga from players all over the world that you can now play for free on Are you ready to join the world’s nicest robot and defeat the evil Dr. Wily?

There are Mega Man games for all modern / current and classic systems, from the NES to the Nintendo DS, through GBA, Sega Genesis and the mythical Super Nintendo. These games come in many different genres, although the genre directly associated with Mega Man is the platform genre.

Steal and use the powers and weapons of your enemies, fight strange creatures and take on fearsome robots. Featuring excellent graphics and audio, MegaMan games provide hours of guaranteed fun. Where? On your favorite site,

Our online emulator is very advanced and, besides being able to play online without complications and annoying ads, you can save the game at any time. This will be very useful to you, as the saga is characterized by its high difficulty.

We have a huge collection of Mega Man games unblocked so… What are you waiting for?