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The incredible Neo Geo gaming console was the most desired of the 90s. It competed directly with the Genesis of Sega and the SNES of Nintendo, but its titles marked a before and after in the history of arcades. Fortunately, in our collection you will find the best Neo Geo games unblocked so that you can play online in a comfortable, simple and free way thanks to online emulator. allows you to enjoy the gem of SNK in your browser, without the need to download ROMs!

Neo Geo Games

When talking about the best and most influential game consoles of all time, one of the names many people forget is the 16-bit Neo Geo, especially the first-generation model. Considered as SNK Corporation’s video game masterpiece, it is a technological marvel when it was first released and a highly desirable device in the present day. This article will take a look back at this often-overlooked device and why it is considered as a gaming legend in its own right.

A total of 148 titles were developed for the system. Mostly of them were amazing fighting games.

The first-generation Neo Geo hardware was developed as an evolution of the SNK/Alpha Denshi M68000 platform. Instead of the traditional tilemap backgrounds used by other arcade systems (including SNK-produced ones), the M68000 utilizes sprite strips. Beyond this, the existing hardware is equipped with better sound hardware and support for higher amounts of data in cartridges. The end result of all these developments is the Neo-Geo system. It was first announced on January 31, 1990 and was officially released on April 26 of the same year.

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At the time of its release, the SNK’s Neo Geo is considered to be ahead of its time. Its graphics and sound quality are considered to be leaps and bounds ahead of other arcade systems and home consoles. It is even reputed to be more powerful than graphic/sound systems of computers from those days. This gave the Neo-Geo a considerable advantage over other fourth-generation video games. In fact, the the AES version lasted more years on the market compared to their Sega and Nintendo counterparts thanks to its superior hardware.

There are 2 versions of the Neo Geo released in 1990. The Multi Video System (MVS) is the arcade system, while the Advanced Entertainment System (AES) is the video game console version. The 2 systems are essentially similar with each other, so arcade games released for the MVS are nearly identical conversions with their AES counterparts. This boosted the popularity of the titles released in the Neo-Geo, as gamers have the option to play their favorite game either in their home consoles or at the arcades.

One of the most unique things about the Neo Geo AES by SNK is not just the ability to play arcade games with minimal changes, but you also get to play with a controller that resembles that of an arcade machine, which made it possible for you to maneuver your characters and “pound buttons” just like they would on arcades.

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One of the limitations of the original Neo Geo, in spite of its technological advancements, is the absence of 3D. During the mid-90s, most of their rivals are using 3D to their advantage, something the original system is incapable of. However, in spite of these limitations, NeoGeo games still proved very popular even well into the start of the new millennium. In fact, the final game for the system, Samurai Showdown V Special, was released in 2004, more than a decade since the system was first released. It’s a testament to both the popularity of the console and the quality of games it spawned.

Incredibly, the SNK’s Neo Geo AES is considered to be the most expensive home video game console ever released. Back then, it was priced at $650, which will roughly translate to almost $1200 dollars with today’s money. Its steep price was part of the reason why it did not sell as well as the other game consoles that were available at the time. However, gamers of the time know about the excellent titles and the technological superiority of the Neo-Geo. Both in its arcade and console form, the system has maintained a strong following from gaming fans worldwide. Now, thanks to our Neo Geo Emulator, you can relive its best games easily.

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