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The name Capcom is forever associated with different generations of video games. As one of the pioneering developers, this Japanese company has created some of the most memorable titles and characters in history. Over the decades, it has made its mark as a global company with subsidiaries in different parts of the globe.

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The first ever game produced by the company was Vulgus, an arcade shooting. Their first game released for a console was 1942, a vertically scrolling airplane shooting released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This made them further explore the potential of producing games for home consoles, which eventually became their bread and butter in the coming years.

While they have released a number of successful titles in their first few years, the company did not really start to take off until the late 1980s. They first released Street Fighter in 1987, the first title in a long line of highly successful fighting games considered by some as the most successful of its kind in history.

Also in 1987, Capcom released Mega Man, arguably the most recognizable character in its library. A side-scrolling action platformer, this game pioneered the use of multiple abilities to be unlocked for use in completing different missions.

Throughout the 90’s, Capcom has been best known for creating excellent 2D games. That is in spite of the trend towards producing more titles in 3D. This is partly because of the commitment to developing games for the Super NES. In spite of this perceived disadvantage, the team was still able to churn out some big hits. In fact, the company even embraced 2D as a signature style of sorts. Perhaps the biggest hit of them all is Street Fighter II, considered by many as one of the greatest games ever created.

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There are Capcom games that collaborate with big-name brands such as Disney and Marvel. Even up to this day, the company is still releasing some high-quality titles, including ones that don’t branch off from any of their many successful franchises.

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