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Genesis (Mega Drive) Games

The best classic unblocked games for Sega Genesis (AKA Mega Drive) await you at this MyEmulator.online page. Get ready to play the most complete collection, full of action, fun and entertainment you can imagine. The power of 16-bit.

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The Best Sega Genesis Games for PC / Mac Free (no download needed)

Are you a lover of retro and do you like playing the classic games of the legendary Sega Genesis console totally unblocked? That and much more you can do with our collection of titles for the Mega Drive system. It is the most complete on the Internet.

At MyEmulator.online we publish new Mega Drive games every day that you can play easily and comfortably without having to download anything, emulators or ROMs. Get ready to enjoy the gems of Sega’s 16-bit console.

Sega Genesis Emulator

The Sega Genesis is a 16-bit console released by Sega in the 80’s to compete with the NES and later with the SNES. Sonic series was born on this system which also received a good amount of arcade ports, as it had a very powerful hardware for its era.

The world of retro gaming is amazing. Nowadays you can play almost all systems of the 80’s and 90’s easily with our emulator. This one allows you to play jewels like Out Run, Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Mortal Kombat, Comix Zone, Shinobi, and many, many more.

We hope you enjoy and play Genesis games on our website. Is there something you think we can improve? Do you want to tell us something? We hope you have lots of fun with these action, adventure, horror, driving and fighting titles.