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Release year: 2005 | Players: multiplayer | Developed by Nintendo EAD

Animal Crossing: Wild World (NDS) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Animal Crossing: Wild World (AKA おいでよ どうぶつの森 Oideyo Dōbutsu no Mori in Japan) is a social simulation video game developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the NDS handheld game console in 2005. It is the second game in the Animal Crossing series.

Under the premise of a person living in a town of animals, Animal Crossing: Wild World presents a family-friendly environment you customize the house you live in and with your animal neighbors. The main features of decorating your house with furniture, buying clothes, and customizing the town as a whole. Despite the mechanical nature of in-game tasks, the game rarely feels like a chore and delivers a charm that appeals to younger audiences.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Cover Box

Animal Crossing: Wild World Cover (NDS)

The presentation of dialogue and relaxing gameplay makes Animal Crossing: Wild World’s quite a memorable piece in the series. With its soothing soundtrack, Wild World’s nails the cozy village atmosphere much better than other games in the Animal Crossing series. Although the game offers less than the average Animal Crossing game has set so far, this game is set apart exceptional writing and the dynamic interaction between the villagers themselves.

Being one of the earlier games for the Nintendo DS, the game suffered from technical constraints such as imprecise implementations of the controls and inconvenient limitations in multiplayer play. Although Wild World did not take full advantage of the DS’ touch screen controls, the focus on the core gameplay and customization lessens the glaring nature of these apparent flaws.

The game has more life into it than just being a simulator, as Wild World progresses in tune with the DS’ internal clock. Playing during weekends and holidays allows the players to visit special locations or events such as flea markets and visits from special characters. As said, customization plays a huge part in this game as players can shape their in-game persona as much as they want. With tons of wacky costumes and furniture pieces to collect, the game never fails to impress you with its variety.

As an older game in the series, Wild World is worth for repeated playthroughs even just for nostalgia’s sake. Developing an emotional investment towards the game is more likely to happen, thanks to the different personalities that the animal villagers and non-playable characters have. While it’s easy to run out of things to do in one session of Animal Crossing: Wild World, it does well in creating an enjoyable and casual experience for gamers.

Animal Crossing: Wild World game has been ported to Nintendo DS, and Wii U Virtual Console (2016).

Animal Crossing: Wild World - Nintendo DS (NDS)
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