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Do you remember the first Nintendo’s 64-bit console with 3D graphics? We are talking about the Nintendo 64 (AKA Ultra 64 or Project Reality). Here, on your favorite retro gaming website,, you can find and play online the most complete collection of N64 games. And you don’t need to download emulators or ROMs!

Nintendo had it going with their 8-bit console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and the 16-bit hit, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Of course, it wasn’t always a smooth road for the Japanese company as its rivals like Atari and Sega also released their own gaming consoles. So when technology allowed, Nintendo leveled up its processing power and jumped to the 64-bit environment. Thus, the Nintendo 64 was born.

Nintendo 64 games

The Nintendo 64, abbreviated as N64, is the third home gaming console to come out of Nintendo’s manufacturing line. It was released in Japan in June 1996, and in the United States in September 1996. Releases to other countries like Australia and Europe followed. N64 designers and developers decided to stick to the cartridge for storing data. Almost 33 million consoles were sold worldwide during its lifetime until its retirement in the later parts of 2003.

One thing the Nintendo 64 boasted about is its capability to run games in 3D. It was a monumental achievement during those days and gave way for some of the most beautiful games available during that era. Unfortunately, game fans and critics felt the number of games developed for the N64 were fewer than they expected. Nevertheless, those games that got released were great and showcased how powerful this gaming machine is.

Nintendo 64 initially launched with its trademark character, Mario, with Super Mario 64. It exhibited what the N64 could do with smooth 3D graphics, and superb sound. These were made possible by the powerful processor, fast graphics chip, and improved sound controller. Soon enough, other developers followed suit and released their own games for this gaming console masterpiece.

There might be a few functional Nintendo 64 gaming consoles available from eBay, but the game cartridges can be hard to find, especially the very best games. Gaming console collectors also considered this piece of hardware a must in their collections. N64 is a must!

But, if you just want to know how the N64 games felt like and played, and you don’t own a gaming console museum, games for this platform are available in ROM format. The data from the original cartridges are saved on a computer. Using an emulator, these Nintendo 64 games can then be played using the computer’s keyboard or a game controller. These emulators, however, require you to install the application and some specialized drivers for the sound and game controllers. Unfortunately, some sites have injected these applications with viruses and Trojans that can wreak havoc in your computer and even steal personal information and valuable data.

Using our website, however, you don’t have to install or download anything so your computer won’t get infected. All games in our Nintendo 64 collection can be run online using only your browser (with an N64 online emulator). You can then prevent malware and bloatware from getting into your system.

And what about the ads? While some retro online gaming sites will pester you with advertisements and browser popups before and during your gaming session, we try to keep these ads at a minimum and in an organized way so they don’t distract you. You get the gaming experience of playing a Nintendo 64 game and enjoying it without heavy marketing materials popping out here and there.

Right now, it is only possible to play these Nintendo 64 games from Mac and PC computers, but soon you will be able to play on mobile devices, both smartphones, like the iPhone, and tablets.

The Best N64 games

We have the best collection of N64 games online ranging from the classics like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Golden Eye 007, Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong 64, and Paper Mario to the very rare games like Getter Love, Dezaemon, Custom Robo V2, and Super Robot Taizen.

So jump in and experience the power of the Nintendo 64 without the need to purchase the console. Download N64 ROMs? Forget about it!