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Donkey Kong is the most popular gorilla in the world of video games. In this section of you will be able to play all his games online unblocked, both the classic and the most current and modern. Enjoy the funniest adventures of the nice gorilla on PC and Mac.

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In this section you will find a lot of fun platform / adventure Donkey Kong games. Does playing them online make you happy? If you are happy, we are happy.

Donkey Kong was developed by the legendary Nintendo developer himself — Shigeru Miyamoto. Prior to its release, Miyamoto was trying to develop a Popeye game but had to abandon the project due to licensing issues. He had to develop new characters and came up with Jumpman, who would eventually be Mario, and Donkey Kong, whose name was reference to the movie King Kong.

Mario would become insanely popular and is currently Nintendo’s flagship character, but Donkey Kong has its place in the list of iconic characters in history. After all, over 40 million units were sold worldwide. the ape would become so popular that the character would appear on various spin-off games including racing, educational, and rhythm: Country saga for the SNES, Land saga for the GameBoy, etc.

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