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Mega Man 64 | Release year: 2000 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Capcom

Mega Man 64 (N64) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

In 2001, Mega Man blasted his way onto the Nintendo 64 gaming system. Mega Man 64 (AKA Mega Man Legends, Rockman DASH, ロックマンDASH エピソード1 鋼の冒険心 Rokkuman Dasshu – Episōdo Wan: Hagane no Bōkenshin in Japan) is an epic adventure that combines classic 3D RPG gameplay with enormous bosses and high-tech weapons. It has in-depth RPG elements like its riveting storyline and weapon crafting system.

In this game, you have to explore the world to find the Mother Lode, the treasure of all treasures. In your quest, you’re definitely going to love the non-stop action, powerful weapons, and vibrant 3D graphics.

The predecessors of this game were all 2D side-scrollers, so being a 3d shooter in an open world setting, Mega Man 64 provides an all-new experience for the fans of the franchise. With its RPG elements, fans can enjoy the interesting plot of this version.

Mega Man 64 Cover Box

Mega Man 64 Cover (N64)

You, as Mega Man Volnutt, must tackle and clear dungeons. By clearing them, you unlock new abilities, upgrade your weapon, and progress through the story. The plot is revealed through cutscenes.

In this version, your weapon, the buster cannon, can no longer be charged, but you can upgrade its specs, which are attack, rapid, range, and energy. You can also tune your cannon to satisfy your gaming style, but you can’t max out any stat at once, except if your character’s level is already high.

You need buster parts to amplify the stats of your cannon. They can be bought from stores or found in dungeons. You can also buy health upgrades, potions, and miscellaneous items from shops.

In Mega Man 64, energy sources are rare. You can only acquire refractor gems and refractor shards from enemies. They are the only things that can provide you with power. You can also exchange shards for Zenny, the currency of this game.

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Roll Caskett, Volnutt’s childhood friend, crafts special weapons for you in exchange for Zenny. Upgrades increase the power, rate of fire, and range of your buster cannon, and special weapons give you alternatives to kill enemies. You can only carry one main weapon at a time, and you have to talk to Roll to change or modify your firearm.

Mega Man 64 is the first ever game of the series that was ported to the N64 system, and it is one of the first 3D Mega Man games. Since it is an RPG, you are bound to look for dungeons, explore underground ruins, and fight large boss robots and feral reaverbots. Destroying enemies rewards you with sub-weapon energy, health, and cores. Drop items are used for weapon upgrades and currency exchange, typical of RPG games. As a whole, Mega Man 64 is a decent game. It’s your run-of-the-mill RPG; however, Mega Man is the protagonist in this game. So if you like Mega Man games, then it is worth a try.

The game has been ported to Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 (this version), Windows, PlayStation Portable.

Mega Man 64 - Nintendo 64 (N64)
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