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Do you remember the classic Nintendo DS console? Its two backlit and razor-sharp LCD screens offer a new focus on video games. The possibilities are endless: one screen can be used to show the main action, while the other can represent a map, inventory or a secondary point of view. Or both screens can be used to show giant monsters at the same time!

Nintendo DS

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After the Game Boy Advance, the DS arrived…

The Nintendo DS (AKA DS, NDS or ニンテンドーDS Nintendō Dī Esu in Japan) is a dual-screen handheld console developed and published by Nintendo in 2004. It was an original and groundbreaking console with which they sought to maintain the hegemony they had had during the previous years, with the family of the Game Boy.

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The NDS had 67.028 MHz ARM946E-S & 33.514 MHz ARM7TDMI processors, an LCD screen working in tandem with a touchscreen (262,144 colors), a built-in microphone, and support for wireless connectivity. More than 5,000 games were launched for the NDS.

Nintendo radically changed the line that had marked with the Game Boy and proposed a double screen, one of them tactile. From this feature he named his new family of consoles (DS comes from dual-screen), endowed it with backward compatibility (he could also use Game Boy Advance cartridges) and started selling. During the first week in stores in the United States managed to sell 653,000 units.

Technically, the Nintendo DS included some innovative features for the time, such as the touchscreen controllable by stylus, the built-in microphone or WiFi connectivity, essential in modern times. He continued to feed on cartridges, like the Game Boy, but these were now much smaller and lighter.

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The console came very well accompanied by a wide range of videogames, from classics related to Mario (New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DSSuper Mario 64 DS) or Pokemon, new sagas as Nintendogs, or inherited from other platforms such as Animal Crossing. All of them were specifically designed for the double screen and proposed a new interface thanks to the touch screen.

Regarding sales, the original Nintendo DS sold 18.78 million units in their years of life, a good start that gave foot to what their successors got.

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