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It was during the 70’s when a bunch of university students came up with the bright idea to create a communal machine; hence, arcade games were born. While the thought of mass-producing this machine never crossed the minds of these scholars, their creation paved the way for one Nolan Bushnell to create the first series in America.

Arcade Games

These two companies continued to battle it out into the eighties with new titles such as Asteroids, Centipedes, Galaxian, and, of course, Pac-Man. Nintendo followed suit with their own releases in the form of Donkey Kong, while other players like Williams Electronics delivered with Defender, the first scrolling shooter game at that time. And with more titles came more machines which were then collectively made available via arcades.

This was the golden age of gaming. However, the golden age would soon falter. In the same way that video killed radio, the decision to make these games available at home literally killed off the concept. As developers transitioned to creating individual consoles and cartridges, like the NES, the SNES or the Genesis, the interest in visiting arcades to play titles waned.

Luckily, as the 90’s approached, the love for co-op machines reigned once more. With the release of combative titles like Double Dragon, Street Fighter 2 (1992), and Mortal Kombat (1993), there really was no other way to experience the intensity of matches than by playing standing, side-by-side, and shoulder-to-shoulder with your opponent; add to this of course the droves of people watching arcades on the sidelines.

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Arcade parlors cashed in not only on the competitive nature of gamers but also on the value that they placed on having the right ambiance to play in. Unlike at-home consoles, you could play with complete strangers when you went for the game. Keep in mind that this happened at a time when online gaming was still non-existent. And to further drive traffic to these parlors, tournaments for the different games were set up.

From push buttons and joysticks, arcade games started including gimmicks and novelties. Virtua Cop was played with a gun-like controller. Other titles would eventually adopt this practice. Dancing ones were created to make use of actual foot pads — such as in Dance Dance Revolution.

There were also other titles like Drum Mania and Guitar Hero, which used a simulated drum kit and guitar attachment respectively. Again, these titles only started to lose their pull when these peripherals were made available to console owners.

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We offer a great selection of arcade titles from the 70, 80, 90 and 00’s that later were ported to consoles (take a look at our main menu at the top). Now, thanks to emulators, you can play online in a very easy way!

Some of the most popular are Bubble Bobble, Golden Axe, Circus Charlie, Galaga, Final Fight, and many more.

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