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Action-platform fans definitely got a kick out of playing Castlevania games when the first title was released for the Famicom Disk System, an add-on for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console. The NES, at the time, was released in Japan under the name Famicom. In fact, when it was released in Japan way back in September 26, 1986, it had the name Akumajo Dracula (Demon Castle Dracula in English).

Castlevania games

At the time, there are very few titles in the market that have depth and intricate details, and the game can offer plenty of those, what with its smorgasbord of monsters and action scenes. Castlevania plot and setting elements are loosely based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. This vampire hunting franchise developed by Konami became an instant hit not just in Asia, but in America and Europe as well. Some characters like Simon Belmont even became iconic.

The protagonist is different in every game, but you will definitely use the iconic whip as the main weapon whoever the character you’re playing. The games’ setting is usually the dark castle, Castlevania, with continuous waves of horror-themed enemies.

Many people consider that 2D is already a thing of the past, but this series might just change a lot of minds. Symphony of the Night became a major milestone in the whole series. The gameplay included RPG elements like hidden orbs and collectible equipment. Since then, many titles were developed following this template.

Castlevania Games Online

There were some hits and misses with the series’ gameplay and graphics. But, it’s well-loved by many gamers worldwide. Castlevania games have gained quite the following among fans of the action-adventure genre because of its storyline, scope, and music. It has also been released on different gaming platforms including mobile phones and Pocket PCs.

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