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Enjoy the best classic platform games on, your place to play online easily, conveniently and for free on PC and Mac. Super Mario, SpiderMan, Kirby and many other fun characters from the most popular video games are waiting for you on this page. Welcome!

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The Best Free Platform Games Online

Run, jump, swim, kill enemies, get power-ups and coins… Welcome to our platform games section. Important: all our titles are unblocked and can only be played online.

The platform genre was born in the 1980’s by Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo NES. It was the first title in history to allow players to move horizontally and vertically between different platforms, mobile or not. SMB was a revolution and since then, this genre is very popular among players and is full of great classic games such as Super Mario 64 (SM64 online), which you can now play on

Enter fantastic worlds full of color and adventure, use power-ups to gain special powers to defeat enemies and destroy the most fearsome and dangerous final bosses. These classic and fun games are played online by 1 or 2 players, for you to enjoy as when you were a child. Platform games marked a before and after in the video game industry.

There are platformers for all game consoles: Nintendo NES, Super NES, Game Boy, etc. and you can find them all on our website, which we have prepared especially for you and the gaming people of your generation.

Surpass levels based on the future, in the jungle, in ancient Egypt or under the sea. These are games loaded with imagination and very varied creatures (play Pokémon emulators), monsters, robots and much more. Some of them will help you and others will be evil enemies that you will have to defeat to complete the game. Sometimes you will have to save a princess, other times you will have to save the universe or the galaxy, but you will always have a lot of fun for free.