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Release year: 1996 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Hudson Soft

Super Bomberman 4 (AKA スーパーボンバーマン4, Sūpābonbāman 4 in Japan) is a 2D multiplayer action-party / maze video game developed by Produce and published by Hudson Soft for the Super Famicom (JAP SNES) console in 1996. It was only released in Japan and is the fourth instalment of the franchise for the Nintendo 16-bit console, that started with Super Bomberman (1993). The game was followed by Super Bomberman 5 in 1997.

You play as either Kuro (the black bomber) or Shiro (the white bomber) with an endless supply of bombs that you can initially use one at a time. You have to blow up boxes that block your way to the enemies, acquire the power-ups that may appear from the blocks, blow up your enemies, and then go to the exit that will appear to finish the level.

Super Bomberman 4 Cover Box

The graphics are great, but there was not much improvement from Super Bomberman 3. In a way, the character looks like a real human (although kind of alien-looking) and all the sprites are shaded. The maps are also well-made.

Every SB game has something that sets it apart from the previous version. SB3 had the kangaroo-type creature (Louie) that you could ride on. While Super Bomberman 4 does not have that character, it has this fun feature where you can use the special abilities of your enemies when you defeat them.

When you blow up some of your enemies, they will become metallic eggs or have green spots. You collect them and when they hatch, they can be your pets that you can ride on and you can also use their special skills. You can stock up on them, so you can ride one and bring 2 eggs with you.

Another innovation in this game is the locked Bombers that you can free. There is a rattling cage in some levels. When you blow up this cage, the Bomber you free can be an ally for the rest of the level. Although you have to be careful with these Bombers as they lay bombs randomly. Remember that you do not need to set them free to surpass the level.The music is also great. The background music matches the setting and the tunes have wonderful sound. The sound effects are quite cool as the bomb explosion seems to really have a boom with it.

Overall, SB4 is great and enjoyable. You may spend so much of your time playing this game as it can be addicting. Plus, you have lots of options on how to play it – battle mode, play against the bosses, and a mode where you can select the items that will be in the map.

It has only been ported to the SNES console. Go to to the top of the page if you are interested in play it online.