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Release year: 1997 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Hudson Soft

Bomberman 64 (N64) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Bomberman 64 (AKA Baku Bomberman 爆ボンバーマン, Baku Bonbāman, o “Explosive Bomberman” in Japan) is a 3D action-adventure platform video game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo for the N64 console (Nintendo 64) in 1997.

In Bomberman 64, players get to play as Bomberman—the little robot who tries to be the bomb he throws. The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. Drop bombs to clear your way through obstacles and try to blow your enemies up while getting power-ups along the way. If you do manage to get blasted off by your own bomb, you’ll turn to smoke too, so the challenge is in being careful.

Bomberman 64 Cover Box

Bomberman 64 Cover (N64)

Being blasted off by your own bomb simply isn’t enough for some gamers. Good thing the power-ups featured in Bomberman 64 are a double-edged sword—they can either help or hinder you. These power-ups give the game the extra challenge it needs to become more fun and exciting.

What’s more, a huge improvement has been made with the single-player mode. Compared to past games where ancient-looking 2D animation was featured, the game has finally made the leap to 3D. Players can now also use bombs in new ways, like building bomb towers, bridges, and ladders. This makes it easier for Bomberman to get from one place to another, and gives the game a unique twist.

Lastly, the 3D arenas for multiplayer mode are just the right size and have varying obstacles that allow kicking and throwing at any time. Players can now also come back to life by hopping onto the surviving opponents and slowing them down for a few moments, in the hopes of getting them blasted off by a bomb.

While the game has greatly improved, it isn’t perfect. A lot of the changes made make the new Bomberman 64 game seem less like the original, and more like a completely different game. It’s lost all the addictive charm it had during previous versions and has now turned into a still fun, but barely recognizable version of itself. The good thing about all this though, is that they tried.

Not every change they made may have worked, but not all companies today still try. The game has managed to get a lot of mixed reviews through the years. For the sake of improving the game’s mechanics, it was all worth it. The game, no matter how different it seems, is still fun to play.

Bomberman 64 game has been ported to N64 (this version), and Wii U Virtual Console (2017).

Bomberman 64 - Nintendo 64 (N64)
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