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Release year: 1995 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Hudson Soft

Super Bomberman 3 (SNES)

Super Bomberman 3 (AKA スーパーボンバーマン3, Sūpābonbāman 3 in Japan) is a 2D multiplayer maze video game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Super Famicom (JAP SNES) gaming console in 1997. This game is the third instalment of the Super Bomberman franchise for the Super NES. SB3 was followed by Super Bomberman 4 (1996) and SB5 1997).

The normal levels of Super Bomberman 3 are more fun to play than other versions of Super Bomberman. Moreover, there is a 2-player option for the normal levels. One of the best features of this game is the multiplayer option.

The gameplay can be challenging and addictive. You might find yourself hooked after only a few hours of game time. There are also little furry creatures that you can ride on and each of them has their own special skill with bombs.

Super Bomberman 3 Cover Box

Super Bomberman 3 Cover (SNES JAP)

Considering it is on SNES, the graphics of Super Bomberman 3 are actually quite decent. Bomberman and his enemies resemble a cartoon character in this game. The stages also have animation and all of them look quite effortless. When you play this game on PS2, the graphics may look bad on SNES.

The game has superb sound effects that can blow you away. Just like in other Bomberman games, SB3 has excellent music. In fact, the Bomberman game series has one of the best soundtracks and this game is not an exception. Aside from that, some of the melodies in the game are remixes of the music in Super Bomberman 1.

There was no real plot on this game. You are simply a character that drops bombs and blow things up. However, even without a real plot, Super Bomberman 3 is still an excellent game. The scenes at the beginning are really cool. They brought back the bosses that you can see from Super Bomberman 2, but they feature new moves as well.

This game is not that difficult. You do not have to defeat all the enemies in the arena to pass the level. Furthermore, the enemies are not that aggravating until you reach the higher levels. The dangers are also not that difficult.

Super Bomberman 3 offers a great replay value. You may get addicted to it once you start playing it. The game has over 20 levels, which will get you occupied for quite a while.

This game could be better, especially with the control and graphics, but it is still one of the coolest games you can play.

Super Bomberman 3 game has only been ported to the SNES console. Just scroll up if you want to play it online.

Super Bomberman 3 - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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