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Release year: 1997 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Hudson Soft

Super Bomberman 5 (AKA スーパーボンバーマン5 Sūpā Bonbāman Faibu in Japan) is a delicious 2D multiplayer maze video game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Super Famicom (JAP SNES) console in 1997. It was only released in Japan and is the fifth instalment of the bomb franchise, after Super Bomberman 4 (1996).

Some people say that the Saturn version or the original SNES is the defining version of Super Bomberman. However, with the Kangaroo buddies and all the power-ups from the previous versions, Super Bomberman 5 has it all.

Super Bomberman 5 Cover Box

This game satisfies your need with not just detonator bombs and mines, but heat-seeking bombs as well, which will go after a player who gets too close to the blast radius. It also has all the different kangaroo buddies with incredible set of abilities. For example, you can punch, kick, dash, jump, push blocks, throw bombs, punch other players, and drop multiple bombs at the same time using your kangaroo’s different abilities.

You can get to choose from 12 different characters, although there is no obvious difference in control among these characters. Super Bomberman 5 has options for a single player or multiplayer game. The multiplayer game is also customizable, which means you can configure it to fit your personal preference. The options include the number of wins required to win the set, the location of the characters on screen, and the time given in the game before the walls begin closing in. You can also get to play 10 different levels.

Super Bomberman 5 also has its drawbacks. Although the graphics are clear, their best description is that it is manageable. For most of the game, the sounds you’ll be hearing are from the detonating bombs. However, you probably will not hear the sound too often because you and your friends will frequently be shouting and flaming each other (as only good friends who play Super Bomberman together do). Even with these downsides, Bomberman saga proves that graphics and audio are not the most important things for you to enjoy.