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Play FREE the Best Ninja Games Unblocked on PC and Mac! Relive the old glories, Browse our Ninja Games Collection in High Quality and Enjoy Playing Online. NO EMULATOR OR ROMS NEEDED!

Ninja Games Online

Top Ninja Games (NO ROMs) to play online

If you were born in the 80’s and 90’s sure you know what a Ninja is! A ninja (AKA Shinobi, like the Genesis game) was a undercover agent or mercenary in feudal Japan in the 15th century. They were hired assassins, spies, sabateurs, infiltrators and they got all the coolest weapons, very powerful weapons.

Become a martial arts fighter in one of our ninja games unblocked collection. Play traditional fighting games, or make your way through 2D side-scrolling titles on all retro gaming consoles: Super NES, GBA, Genesis, N64, Nintendo NES, DS, and many more. NO DOWNLOADS REQUIRED! (ROMs, Emulators, etc.)

Use all available weapons: swords, nunchakus, shurikens (手裏剣), and even chainsaws or bombs as you defeat your deadly enemies like a pro. Attack in the middle of the night, stealthily, like a true warrior!

Ninja Games

Our ninja games great collection feature a variety of game types or genres, including platform, action, run and gun, adventure, fighting, RPG and stealth. If you wish, read the instructions included in each game (on the right sidebar) and learn how to play any game and destroy your enemies.

Did you know that a ninja is a person skilled in the Japanese art of ninjutsu?

There is very little learning difficulty in most warrior games, which means you can fight and try to overcome challenging levels in no time! With so many choices, you’ll feel like a TRUE NINJA. Believe us, you will.

You are the chosen! You are the shadow that moves without being seen or heard. You’re quieter than a sigh in the dark. You’re a ninja! Or at least you are in all these free ninja games. Do you want to learn how to be stealthy? You can put yourself in his quiet shoes right here. Put your black shinobi shōzoku on! Use your powers for good in a classic love story as you train to master martial arts. Who said ninjas had to be human or fair?

In these games, the protagonist has to avenge the death of someone, usually his father, who has been killed by a mafia in Japan. It’s about revenge!

Unlike other online emulator services, we try to have as little Ads as so users can play comfortably with no risk of clicking anything strange. We want all users to enjoy the experience of playing retro titles online easily from any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge…), on PC and Mac.

Play all Ninja Games for free in your PC

On our website you can find (and play) the most complete compilation of Samurai / Ninja games, including the most played in history: Ninja Gaiden (AKA Shadow Warriors), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shinobi, and many more that will make you feel nostalgic. We have the most complete list!

The ninja games you can play free on our website, Emulator Online, are unblocked and look exactly as they did on the 8-bit, 16-bit, and 64-bit consoles. You can play all of them (ALL) on PC and Mac computers, and very very soon you will be able to play on iPhone / Android devices. Important: you won’t find annoying popups or popunders (ads) on our website. We want our users to be happy!

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