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Adventure Games

If you are adventurous you are probably a big fan of this genre of games. You playing online, get into the skin of a great character / hero and, of course, live fantastic adventures. You will meet strange creatures or villains, and find the hidden treasure in open and unexplored worlds. At MyEmulator.online you will find all the adventure you are looking for. Exciting, right?

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The Best Adventure Games Online Free

Since we were children we have known and we have had very clear that our favorite games, among all the types of video games that exist, are adventure games. Both the more classic that are held in fantastic worlds full of strange beings, the more modern or futuristic that are held in cities of the future or those in which we are not a human character, but we are an animal, a robot or an alien… Or even a monster!

“Young warrior, you must fulfill the mission entrusted to you. You are the chosen one…” This is how many adventure video games begin. You begin as a child who, with the help of the master, must learn to fight, to handle a weapon and the arts of magic, while you travel through a virtual world full of dungeons and final enemies that will take your breath away. Within this genre, we can find 8 and 16-bit titles, RPGs, platform games and many others.

In the adventure RPGs you can choose your race and profession, equip weapons, armor and clothing that will help you, once you advance in the game and open chests, to upload the experience (EXP). Have you defeated the dragon? And the alien race that wants to destroy humanity? Did you discover who is the bad guy in the story?

At MyEmulator.online you will find the best collection of adventure games unblocked for you to play online in your free browser. Are you ready to risk everything and rescue your beloved?