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Top Run & Gun Games (NO ROMs) to play online

Run & Gun games (AKA Run and Gun shooters) are simple titles that are well-loved by many gamers around the world. In this video game genre (sub-genre of shoot ’em up) the goal is basically finishing the game without getting killed. You would need to go through several levels and stages with waves of enemies coming in.

The concept might look simple at first glance, but playing Run and Gun games online can be exciting and intense. They require excellent hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and reaction time. This makes them some of the most challenging video game genres in the market.

Run and Gun games

One thing is clear: The best run and Gun games have multi-directional gun firing. These kinds of games mainly focus on the shooting aspect of the game instead of platforming. You will often face several challenges on the way, but your task is still to shoot at enemies and not get killed. There are items which can be picked up throughout the game such as health replenishing items, weapons, power-up items. Some of the titles can be played with a friend as the player-two character.

Related genres: arcade, shoot ’em up, platform

Most run & gun games, if not all, consists of swarms of enemies, big guns, explosions, and massive boss fights. Many titles are usually based on wars and fights against terrorism or alien invasions. Like most retro games, these have several stages or levels which become more and more challenging.

The very first run and gun game ever made was the 1975 arcade game called Western Gun (Gun Fight). Western Gun is considered to be historically significant. It was designed by the creator of Space Invaders, Tomohiro Nishikado. The title was a lot of firsts in gaming history including being the first multi-directional on-foot shooter and tactical shooter. Since then, countless of run and gun titles have been developed and published by different gaming companies like Nintendo, Capcom, Nazca, Enix, Konami, and Sega.

Other notable run and gun video games are the Metal Slug Series and Contra Series which were released in 1996 and 1987 respectively. Contra was originally made as an arcade game which was an instant hit. Metal Slug, on the other hand, was first released for the NEO-GEO.

This genre’s glory days were in the 80’s, which is why you would notice that there are still numerous titles from the 80’s and 90’s that retro gamers want to play online to this day.

You might be one of these gamers who weren’t able to finish Contra online because of its intense level of difficulty. You may just want to try playing Western Gun. One way to play these titles is by looking for old video game consoles and arcade machines. But, it will take so much time, effort, and money.

Because of some run and gun games’ immense popularity, many modern video game consoles have offered gamers a chance to play them again. But, gamers who don’t own a PlayStation or Xbox won’t be able to grab that opportunity. If you’re a PC gamer without a video game console, you still have the chance to play these retro games easily, thanks to My Emulator Online.

You can either use an emulator which can be downloaded online risking your computer’s safety, or you can browse our website for any classic run and gun classic title you desire without risking anything.

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We carry numerous some of the best run & gun games online such as Western Gun, Contra, Metal Slug, Batman, Alien Syndrome, Sunset Riders, Rapid Reload, Commando, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Ikari Warriors, Gunstar Heroes, Jackals, and many more! You can experience retro gaming in the comfort of your own home and PC without the need of purchasing any video game console or arcade machine.

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