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Beat ’em Up Games are also known as brawlers. These are the good old video titles where you walk around on some virtual stage beating up thugs (or aliens, super villains, etc.) scrolling from one platform to the next, usually in a left to right fashion. That is also why these titles have come to be known as 2D side scrollers.

These allow us to role play a little bit – but note that Beat ’em Ups are not RPG per se. However, you do get to step into the shoes of your favorite heroes like the X-Men, Double Dragon 2 (NES), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (NES), Final Fight (SNES), Billy Lee (or maybe you can just get his brother Jimmy), or maybe any of the three hack and slash masters from Golden Axe (Genesis). For ALL retro gaming systems!

Take the time to explore our site and you will find a lot of the games that have endeared themselves to the hearts of millions of fans. Remember the days when you played side by side with your friends mashing buttons to get to the next stage? You get to relive all of that in our online web based emulator site.

Brawler games are one of the most entertaining titles ever. That’s basically because you get to play the role of a hero who gets to beat up all the bad guys – yes, all of them. And there usually is a huge number of these bad guys you get to beat up until you reach the boss.

A lot of these are, as stated earlier, side scrollers and the setting is usually in urban areas. Some storylines are centered on vengeance but there are crime fighting themed titles too. Some are historical while others take on a rather sci-fi and fantasy genre.

The simple gameplay of Beat ’em Up has captured the hearts of fans and have become the source of derision from the critics. All of the old school brawlers are 2D – of course. There are newer 3D titles but that also means you have more bad guys to beat for each level, which does make them a lot more challenging.

You will find a huge collection of Beat ’em Up games in this section of our site. A lot of them are the good old gems for that allow you to slam and smack your way through entire hordes of villains of every sort. A lot of these are 2 player co-op where you can either share the fun or just plainly ruin a good friendship.

The very first Beat ‘em Up was introduced back in 1984, Kung Fu Master (NES). But it was Renegade (1986) that introduced the urban setting for this genre, which sort of became the standard. The golden age of Beat ’em Up titles came with the release of Double Dragon, which introduced the 2 player coop mode.

What makes our online emulator site different? Other than the massive collection of brawler games, we provide you a gaming experience that has fewer ads. We have put the extra effort to have as little advertising so you get very little distraction when you play. The goal of course is to ensure you have a really good gaming experience using any browser.

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