Tetris 2 - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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Tetris 2

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Release year: 1994 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Nintendo

Tetris 2 (SNES) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Tetris 2 (AKA Tetris Flash or テトリスフラッシュ in Japan) is a 1994 puzzle video game developed and published by Nintendo for the SNES console. It is the sequel to Tetris (1989).

Tetris is a popular game played by millions in the internet. Way back in 1994, Tetris, a Russian puzzle game, was originally released for the NES by Nintendo. The universal success of the game paved way for the releases of numerous sequels and similar games such as Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack. Tetris 2 is a sequel to the original Tetris—now with improved format. So, what makes this version of Tetris different from the original one? There are various elements that set this game apart from the previous version.

Tetris 2 Cover Box

Tetris 2 Cover (SNES)

Instead of finishing rows, which was the actual goal of the original Tetris, the player tries to make a series of 3 or more blocks of the same color. Before the game starts, the goal is to eliminate diamond blocks. The player is also prompted to choose between a one-player game or a two-player game—a feature that was not available in the original Tetris.

When the game begins, there are six blocks of different colors with diamonds in them towards the half end of the screen. The two-player game isn’t completely different from the single-player game, except that in the former, the screen is split in half and the players race who gets to eliminate their bombs without stacking up their blocks towards the top of the screen. Basically, Tetris 2 is more challenging as a puzzle game than its predecessor.

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The visual presentation of the game is upgraded. The backgrounds are now more detailed and colorful. The graphics are fairly good, although not in away that makes this game stand out. In every 5 levels of the game, a cut scene is displayed which portrays some G-rated humor. However, not all players of the game found the scenes to be funny at all. The controls of the game are smooth and quick.

The sounds are quite entertaining; however, some players did not find them satisfactory at all as compared to the sounds of the original version. The entertainment factor of the game is a redeeming factor, nonetheless. Tetris 2 is fun to play and remains a challenging puzzle game for all those seeking to pass some time.

Tetris 2 game has been ported to Nintendo NES, Game Boy and Super NES.