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Release year: 1994 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Nintendo R&D 1

Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Tetris & Dr. Mario, developed and published by Nintendo for the SNES in 1994, are one of the best game compilations especially designed not only for puzzle fans but also for those who just love simple, classic games. Entertaining and challenging at the same time, these two games can keep you hooked for hours.

In the game, players may opt for the classic game Tetris, the modified Dr. Mario or the Mixed Match version. There are also the all too familiar 1-player, 2-player or vs. com options.

Tetris & Dr. Mario Cover Box

Tetris & Dr. Mario Cover (SNES)


In Tetris, like in the original, 4 blocks that form unique shapes, which look like letters L, I, Z, or T drop down the screen one at a time. The goal is to move the shapes around and place them in a single line without any blank space. Once a line is formed sans any space, the line will disappear. However, if the shapes just keep piling up until one of it touches the top of the screen, the player loses the game.

What makes Tetris & Dr. Mario more challenging are the Type A and Type B modes and the 2-player and vs. com options.

Dr. Mario

Pills that come in red, blue, yellow (or a mixture of two of the colors) falling from the top of the screen are what can be seen when playing Dr. Mario. The goal is to pile up at least four of the same colored pill above the like-colored virus in order to kill it. Then, the other half of the pill will drop.

The player can move the pill horizontally or vertically before it sits on top of a pill or a virus.

The Mixed Match mode is a competition between two players as they take turns playing Tetris & Dr. Mario.

There’s a slight improvement in terms of graphics compared to the individual releases of both games. But both remain as colorful as they’ve always been.

Tetris has three music options while for Dr. Mario, the player can choose between “Fever” or “Chill” music. Whichever music you choose, it will make your heart beat faster especially as the blocks or pills keep piling up and as your level gets higher.

Who wouldn’t want to play Tetris & Dr. Mario on repeat? It may have come from the 90’s but the games’ challenges can keep any player of any age interested.

If you’re a 90’s kid in search for a game that would remind you of your childhood and if you’re fond of games, Tetris & Dr. Mario will give you the right amount of nostalgia that you need.

And if you’re a millennial who is interested in puzzle games and a taste of simpler game technology, then this these games are worth playing.

Tetris & Dr. Mario game has only been ported to the Super NES.

Tetris & Dr. Mario - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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