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Release year: 1987 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Square

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Final Fantasy (AKA ファイナルファンタジー Fainaru Fantajī in Japan) is a classic 2D RPG video game developed and released by Square for the Nintendo NES console in 1987.

Everybody has heard of the popular role-playing game series called Final Fantasy. The game was named such because they thought it would be the last of Square’s RPG, hence the word “final.” But, as it turned out, This game was only the first of the many. Since then, Square has established their name in the industry as being the most recognized publisher and developer of RPGs.

Final Fantasy Cover Box

Final Fantasy Cover (NES)

The game follows four heroes in the typical pursuit to save the world. No one can’t really blame this storyline, anyway, as no other RPG on NES at this era had a story that stood out among the rest. There is, however, a major twist at the end of the story. It’s really nothing fancy, but the creators of the game had made their characters memorable to the players.

Perhaps every one of those who consider themselves role-playing fanatics could easily remember the characters’ names: Cloud Strife, Kefka, Sephiroth, Kain, Squall, and the rest of them whom people recognize on a first-name basis.

The gameplay shares similar elements with Dragon Warrior 2 and Final Fantasy 3. There is a three-point scale in the game: Max HP is 999, in contrast to the four-point scale of 9999. Most damage done goes for three-digit numbers and everything is a turn-based strategy wherein players take turns when attacking each other.

There are numerous weapons to choose from and sort through, from axes to nunchakus to swords. Different weapons are made to dispatch every sort of enemy in the game. Special elements and upgrades are also added in the course of the game.

The graphics of the game shows nice features. The backgrounds are vibrant and colorful. However, the buildings were designed with little art. Animations are absent for enemy attacks but are present for every spell and weapon that the player uses. The sound effects are fairly good and the game’s music theme also plays throughout the game, with variations from place to place.

Despite its flaws, Final Fantasy remains a strong RPG effort on the NES, kicking off many versions on different consoles. The game is worth a try.

Final Fantasy game has been ported to Nintendo Entertainment System (this version) and Game Boy Advance.

Final Fantasy - Nintendo NES
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