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Magician Lord

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Release year: 1990 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Alpha Denshi

Magician Lord (NeoGeo) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Magician Lord (AKA マジシャンロード, Majishan Roodo in Japan) is a side scrolling fantasy adventure game developed by Alpha Denshi for the NEO-GEO system. It was released back in 1990. In this game, you control Elta, the Magician Lord, who needs to recover eight volumes of the Sorcerer’s book stolen by the evil wizard Gul-Agieze who wants to revive the god of destruction.

The game will bring you to eight different levels and dungeons, where you’ll have to fight a massive assortment of monsters. Elta, the Magician Lord, has the ability to transform himself into different warriors like Dragon, Shinobi, Samurai, Poseidon, and Raizin by collecting different orbs. Each transformation has a different type of attack.

Magician Lord Cover Box

Magician Lord Cover (NEO GEO)

In this game, you can take more than one path to get to the boss stage, so you need a good sense of exploration since there are lots of tricky mazes. Action never slows down, making it really exciting and challenging. The main downside of this game is that no save or no continuation feature is available. You have to complete the entire game in one sitting. Another thing is the imprecise jump, which makes dodging a little harder than normal.

Graphics are crisp, and very detailed. The design of the enemies is very meticulous and well made. One thing that pulls the graphics down is constantly seeing the same enemies. Having different designs for enemies will make the game a lot more interesting.

Music and sound effects are excellent. The sound contributes well to the atmosphere of the game. There is also a wide variety of sound effects, and the vocals are very clear and of high quality.

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Magician Lord offers intense action and challenging levels. It has a good amount of difficulty. Some gamers find this game frustrating and too difficult to play. The absence of save features make it more difficult and challenging. If you’re looking for a good challenge this game is a must try.

Due to its difficulty, the game will entice you to keep on trying. The no-save feature will definitely add to the replay value.

Magician Lord game has been ported to Arcade, NEO GEO (this version), Nintendo Virtual Console, Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) and PSP.