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Release year: 1991 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Tose / Tonkin House

Super Tennis (AKA スーパーテニス ワールドサーキット Super Tennis World Circuit in Japan) is sports / tennis video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console. It utilized mode 7 and was launched in 1991.

The SuperNintendo came with only a handful of titles when it was launched. Of course, Super Mario World was a given. Others were a racer, a flight simulator, a football game, and strangely, a tennis one. Tennis, at least the gaming console release, was not really a crowd pleaser and not for the hardcore gamer. It was meant for light entertainment. So did Super Tennis bring out the then technological advancement that was SNES? Let’s find out.

Tennis should only be played solo on dire circumstances and it’s a good thing Super Tennis was available as a multiplayer affair. But if you decide to play by yourself, the game has its charms, too. You work your way through the tournaments that were named after the city they’re held in. Progress ranges from dull to ‘are you nuts?’ level as the hardest player runs like a speedster in steroids.

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Mastery of the D-pad is a must in Super Tennis, as you need to use length and breadth of the field in order to outwit, and hopefully outplay your opponent. Controls are sensitive enough to help you win those trophies as you work your way up.

Super Tennis for SNES was meant to be a fun, family game and this shows in the way the characters are presented. With sprites that are cartoony and made of bold colors, it can still be a joy to watch even if you keep losing to Connors, Becker, or Borg. Graphics may not be that technically impressive but at least not distracting.

Sound effects are nothing to write about but adds to overall appeal. After all, who needs music when you’re trying to be the number one seed in this virtual world? The music matches the 90’s rhythms and tunes.

It set the standards on what a tennis game in SNES should be and other did follow suit.