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There’s something magical about retro games, from classic consoles like SNES, NES, Neo-Geo or Nintendo 64 to old-school cartridges. Even with the distribution of new titles for PCs and online, the classics still hold a special place in the hearts of gamers everywhere — case in point: sports games.

Sports Games

Retro sports titles are simple, entertaining, and easy to control. Stodgy gameplay wasn’t an issue and builds, improvements, and customizations were possible. You don’t really need to know that much about your sport of choice to still have fun playing it. NBA Jam for example was created not just for basketball enthusiasts. As long as you knew which buttons to hit and when to hit them, you would be able to lead your team to victory no matter what.

The thing about arcade sports games was that they were immensely popular until seventh-generation gaming consoles entered the picture. When this happened, simple gameplay (being able to shoot a flaming basketball was quite extreme already) was replaced by real-life simulation, varying story modes (gone were the days of traditional basketball gameplay for NBA games), and the ability to use characters that had no business being on the court.

For this genre, things went south quite quickly and it was no good, especially to players who preferred these arcade-style titles to realistic versions of FIFA, NBA, MLB, Madden, and the like. Sports titles offer something different to what people watched on TV. It offered a different kind of entertainment within the same field of interest. Sadly, these weren’t enough to keep them in the game (no pun intended).

Sports Games Online

Although no one can say for sure why retro sports games eventually died, there are several reasons that can be attributed to the decline. It’s possible that higher development costs (shifting from basic to HD, going from bit pixels to 3D) are to blame. The influence of sporting leagues who want to up their image on video game screens can be another viable cause.

But according to developers, the reasons are pretty straightforward. The genre lost their magic touch because of tech limitations. Since developers have to remain competitive in an ever-changing and highly competitive industry, they needed to produce titles that suited the needs of today’s online gaming community.

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Finally, business beats creativity and diversity in the world of gaming. Providing consumers with an alternative form of entertainment is no longer the priority. With sports games these days, it’s all about making money and when the focus is business, creativity and innovation usually suffer… Luckily, we have a huge collection of sports titles so you can play online!

Best Sports Games

When they started, these games made it possible for gamers to play a game — to use their favorite characters and run a basic simulation of a suplex in wrestling or a 3-pointer in basketball. These days, they are designed in such a way that players get to live and perform as their chosen characters on a video monitor.

But clearly, the latter is becoming quite boring for a number of gamers as they’re now clamoring for sports titles to be rebooted for their modern-day consoles.

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