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Release year: 1996 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Nazca Corporation (SNK)

Neo Turf Masters (NeoGeo) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Neo Turf Masters (AKA Big Tournament Golf, ビッグトーナメント ゴルフ in Japan) is a golf simulation arcade game developed by Nazca and released by SNK way back in 1996. The first of two games developed by Nazca, the game is known for having simple gameplay, yet difficult courses to play on.

In Neo Turf Masters, the player can choose between six different characters and has different golf courses around the world to select from. The game has two modes: the first is the Stroke play and the second is the Match play. In Stroke play you need to have the best score in playing 18 holes, while in Match play, two players compete with each other, with the one who scores better in majority of the 18 holes winning the match.

Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf Cover Box

Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf Cover (NEO GEO)

The gameplay is very challenging; the four different courses are somehow difficult. You need to consider the wind speed and the power to apply. The game is more challenging than you may initially expect it to be. It has a lot of factors that you need to take into account. All these make the game more interesting and challenging.

The graphics and visuals are great. The game has bright visuals, and colorful graphics. It is also incredibly detailed when it comes to the players and the map. The downside of the main graphics is its resolution, which is relatively low.

The soundtrack is not that memorable, although it’s not too bad either. It’s simply not special. The sounds when you play can somehow be irritating for some, although the voices in the game when you make a shot balances the irritating background sound.

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Overall, Neo Turf Masters is very enjoyable and entertaining. The four courses to play on are very different from one another. The decent graphics and sound effects captivate the gamer even more.

Having 6 different characters to choose from, and having different attributes for each character makes the game very fun to play. And, having difficult courses to play on will make you want to playNeo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf again and again.

The game has been ported to NEO GEO (this version), Neo Geo CD, Neo Geo Pocket, Nintendo Virtual Console, Switch and arcade.

Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf - Neo Geo
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