Ranma 1/2 – Hard Battle - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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Ranma 1/2 - Hard Battle

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Release year: 1992 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Atelier Double

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Ranma 1/2 – Hard Battle (AKA らんま1/2 爆烈乱闘篇 – Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi: Bakuretsu Rantōhen in Japan) is a 2D fighting video game developed by Atelier Double for the SNES console in 1992. The game is based on the popular manga and anime series Ranma ½.

The video game is for die-hard fans and newcomers of the anime and manga alike. It captures elements of the anime very well. The design of backgrounds are colorful and so are that of the characters. Overall, it also retains the show’s signature sense of humor. You can play your favorite characters like Ranma (both his male and female forms), Shampoo, Genma, and much more.

Ranma 1/2 - Hard Battle Cover Box

Ranma 1/2 – Hard Battle Cover (SNES)

Fans will certainly appreciate the time and effort that the developers put into making this true to the show’s spirit. The voice acting in the game, though, is spoken in English, and that might be something that could grind some gears. But, really, when playing a video game like this, a fault like that is easy to overlook.

Because, at the end of the day, Ranma 1/2 – Hard Battle is a pretty straight-forward fighting game. Anyone (even people who have never heard of Ranma ½ before) will find something enjoyable here – maybe even addicting. Each location in this game has a distinct feel to it, so while battling out with your friend or just an AI, you’ll always have something pretty or interesting to look at. Each location also has its own music, making each one all the more special.

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While the look and feel of the game are excellent, they should’ve made the gameplay much more interesting. There are three modes to choose from – the standard one-player tournament mode, two-player competitive mode, and two-player five-character team challenge mode – and that’s good because that means you don’t have to play the same mode over and over again.

But the list of moves that you can do for your character is quite limited. There are two attack buttons, a jump button, and a block button. It’s not like Street Fighter, where you have to press a series of buttons to activate the special attack. Here, all you have to do is hold a certain button to activate it. This will be disappointing for some gamers out there who like to get creative with their controllers.

While not the best fighting game out there, Ranma 1/2 – Hard Battle is still an enjoyable game, whether you’ve been watching and reading the series all your life, or you’ve just found out about its colorful and hilarious world.

Ranma 1/2 – Hard Battle game has only been ported to Super Nintendo.

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