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Release year: 1995 | Players: 1 player | Developed by HappySoft

Hong Kong 97 (AKA 香港97 or HONGKONG1997) is a multi-directional shooter video game created by HappySoft that was unofficially released in the Super Famicom (SNES in Japan) + Disk Drive. Physical copies are extremely rare and the only way to play this is through emulator and ROMs.

Hong Kong 97 takes place in 1997 when the sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred from the United Kingdom to China. To counter the Chinese rule, the Hong Kong government designates Chin, supposedly Bruce Lee’s relative to wipe out the Chinese.

The game starts with a promotional page asking retailers to buy and sell their original SNES titles and then an introduction with a picture of Chinese men or “f****n’ ugly reds” doing Karate. Oh. Okay

Hong Kong 97 Cover Box

Because of this “red” invasion, the crime rate in Hong Kong skyrocketed so they had to call Chin, Bruce Lee’s relative to massacre all the reds. While this is happening in Hong Kong, a transformation project is taking place in Mainland China – the deceased Tong Shao Ping will be transformed into a weapon.

After this opening, the game abruptly begins. No warning, no warm-ups. Straight up game time. It is pretty simple, players will control Chin and throw white balls at enemies that appear from the top of the screen. Some car enemies will appear from the sides. After you’ve defeated 3 cars consecutively, Tong Shao Ping will appear. Once you beat him, the game will start all over again.

The introduction background used are all random stock photos, even including the Coca-Cola logo which is most likely not consented. The game over screen appears to be showing a real-life crime scene photo of a body. But thankfully, the horrible pixelation of the image makes it difficult to identify.

At the very beginning, you are bombarded with a 5-second repeated loop of the “I Love Beijing Tiananmen” and it never stops. The first two lines of the song are incessantly looped without any pauses or breaks. That’s it. There’s no other sound nor music tracks in the game.

Unless you are completely bored, do not even bother. Hong Kong 97 is poorly designed. It does not have any positive qualities to speak of.