Dr. Mario 64 - Nintendo 64 (N64)
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Dr. Mario 64

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Release year: 2001 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Nintendo R&D1

Dr. Mario 64 (N64) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

It’s flu season once again, and Mario has donned his lab coat and got out his trusty bottle of Megavitamins to help stave off those nasty viruses. This time, however, Wario plans to steal those vitamins for a get-rich-quick scheme… and fails. Instead, villains Mad Scientistein and Rudy the Clown manage to get their hands on the Megavitamins. So, in Dr. Mario 64 (AKA マリオ博士64 in Japan) for the N64, you need to help Mario AND Wario get them back.

Dr. Mario 64 is a remake of the classic Dr. Mario. In this classic game from Nintendo, your aim is to remove all the viruses on the screen with the help of the two-colored medicine capsules that fall from the top. You destroy the pre-set viruses and the pills by matching four of the same colors, vertically or horizontally – a blue virus and three blue pill halves, for example. Beware though – four pills of the same color do NOT award points; you only get points when you eliminate viruses.

This leads to a puzzle game that is quite complicated and yet extremely satisfying as you try to kill all these nasty germs. If you don’t clear them fast enough, though, your pills will keep on piling and choking up to the neck, in which case it’s a game over. So removing pills of the same color is still a vital mechanic.

Dr. Mario 64 Cover Box

Dr. Mario 64 Cover (N64)

You do all these in different modes – Classic, which is a direct port of the original Dr. Mario; Story mode, detailed above; and two different vs Computer modes. See, Dr. Mario 64 has unlocks that allows you to change your active character, all from Story mode.

The two vs Computer modes are a 1v1 virus-elimination challenge, where the first to clear three particular glowing viruses win; the other is a timed mode where you try to get as many points as possible within a time limit, and whoever has more points wins. The latter is also available in a Score Attack mode, which keeps track of the player’s high score instead. The vs Computer modes are also available to play versus another player, introducing a multiplayer component to the series.

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Yes, these are, at the end of the day, limited modes. There’s a goal you reach, and you win (or lose, as the case may be). Dr. Mario 64’s solution? An Endless mode called Marathon, where viruses randomly pop up in the bottle every now and again, and you need to keep clearing these as well as stray pills away to last as long and score as high as possible. Like other modes, this ends when the bottle’s neck is filled with pills.

And all this is played to a catchy chiptune music full of joy, despite all of the viruses that are potentially killing your patient. That aside, the music just adds another layer to this extremely fun, complicated and yet satisfying game. A must have for puzzle enthusiasts.

Dr. Mario 64 game has only been ported to the Nintendo 64.