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Release year: 2002 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Game Freak

Pokemon Sapphire Version (GBA) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Pokemon Sapphire Version (AKA ポケットモンスターサファイア Pocket Monsters Sapphire in Japan) is a 2D adventure role-playing game (RPG) developed by Game Freak and distributed by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) handheld console in 2002 along with Pokemon Ruby Version. It was followed by Emerald Version two years later, in 2004.

​The Pokemon games franchise has been one of the world’s favorites when it comes to RPGs. This game is an adventure in a world filled with pocket monsters, or simply “Pokémon”. Hundreds of different varieties of these monsters are available in the wild, each having their own appearance, skill set, strengths, and weaknesses.

The chance to catch each monster has been one of the main reasons why many can’t get enough of this game. Pokemon Sapphire Version is, like the original Red and Blue versions, a counterpart of the Ruby version. The two versions are for the most part the same but playing both versions is the only way for one to be able to collect all species.

Pokemon Sapphire Version Cover Box

Pokemon Sapphire Version Cover (GBA)

Pokemon Sapphire Version starts out in a small town as the main character embarks on an adventure to become the greatest trainer. Further into the game, different towns will be visited, various Pokémon will be encountered, different trainers will be battled, and story quests will be tackled—and all those are incredibly fun.

​Most of the time in the game is spent in battling either trainers or monsters. This is to complete side tasks, to strengthen your very own team, or to complete quests. To make things more complex and challenging, monsters have different types and attack moves. Every type and attack move has ups and downs so assembling a versatile team adds fun to the game.

Also a big part of the game is capturing Pokemon, which is done by throwing pokéballs at the creatures. While it may sound simple, catching monsters is a little bit trickier because successfully getting them is partly determined by chance. These chances can subsequently be improved by either weakening the Pokémon or using better balls.

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Surely, it’s hard to find someone who hates this game—but there are those who’ve become uninterested. That’s probably due to its similarity with previous titles of the saga, meaning Game Freak’s plan to stick to the proven formula is actually a double-edged sword. Fortunately, the franchise has already established a massive hardcore fanbase.

​Overall, Pokemon Sapphire Version is just like the older versions of Pokemon, only with different characters, monsters, locations, storyline, and extra features. These extra features include tag-team battling, best-in-show contests, berry and Pokéblock blending, and participating in Pokémon pageants—but none can be described as a game changer.

Pokemon Sapphire Version game has only been ported to GBA. Are you ready to play this game online? Here we go!

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