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Release year: 1999 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Game Freak

Pokemon Gold Version (AKA ポケットモンスター 金 Pocket Monsters Kin in Japan) is a 2D role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color in 1999.

Nearly everything about this sequel was an improvement over the previous Pokemon titles. To date, this sequel along with its counter color counterpart, Pokemon Silver, remains as one of the more beloved and memorable titles in the series.

The plot of Pokemon Gold is more or less carbon copy of the previous games. A kid is given a starting creature and given an objective which really just serves as an excuse for a young kid to go on an adventure. The story isn’t really much different from the previous title. This does little to detract from the experience since Pokemon has always been about the bound that players develop between them and their monsters.

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Visual presentation of Gold Version is excellent. Both graphics and art, and character designs are steps forward in the right direction. Characters, monsters, and the environment were rendered with crisp graphics. The full colored environments were vibrant and well saturated, bringing life to the world of Johto in a way never before seen in the series. Pokemon had sharper and better designs, and the combat animations for the moves had reached new heights.

Pokemon battles grew in complexity as new moves and monsters types, steel and dark, were added to the game. In addition, Gold Version was one of the first titles to feature the equipment system. Monsters could be assigned to hold certain items that either triggered consumption, such as using a berry that cured poison the moment the active monster got poisoned, or boosted their stats. This new mechanic added a whole new dimension to battles. It opened a world of new strategies and possibilities.

Overall, Pokemon Gold Version is a golden example of what a sequel should be. It delivers more of what fans of the previous title loved, while adding new features that increased the depth and complexity of what was already a fascinating game. It evolved the franchise into something better without losing touch of what made it such a great game in the first place.