Advance Wars - Game Boy (GBA)
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Advance Wars

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Release year: 2001 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Intelligent Systems

Advance Wars (GBA) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Advance Wars (AKA Game Boy Wars Advance or ゲームボーイウォーズアドバンス in Japan) is a lovely turn-based tactics video game developed for the GBA by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo in 2001. We are completely in love with this game!

Games that are turn based sims with a military combat theme didn’t really make a good run in a lot of handheld consoles. Just check out the titles from Game Boy Advance to Neo Geo Pocket Color – most of them sucked. It’s harsh but that’s the reality of it all.

Now, there were a handful of turn based military strategy games that did justice to the genre when ported to handheld. And one of them was Advance Wars – thank god! This is one game that is both addictive and absolutely impressive.

Advance Wars Cover Box

Advance Wars Cover (GBA)

In Advance Wars, you play the role of a military advisor for the formidable Orange Army. You begin the game with some field training exercises that orients you with the tactical aspects of the game. You need to complete a total of 14 missions to complete your training.

The exercises will teach you fog of war navigation, movement range, unit development, and deployment. Other than the main game option, it also has a link mode and versus mode.

Versus mode is a four player option where you all play on a single cartridge. The link mode on the other hand allows you to link with another Game Boy Advance and play a multiplayer game.

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The Versus Mode is a watered down multiplayer version of the game due to the limitations in memory and other resources – you only get 7 combat units in this mode. However, if you want the full multiplayer experience then all four of you should have Advance Wars on your Game Boys and play Link Mode.

You will first play in single player campaign mode going through all the four nations of the war torn continent of Alara. You have a chance to control all of the eight commanding officers to complete a total of 30 missions, which will consist of about 130 maps.

There are a lot of details that you need to consider during an actual fight. You have to consider the attack capabilities of each unit, movement, sight, terrain, strategy, and morale.
Perhaps the biggest downside in Advance Wars is the background music. But it’s not that bad – yeah, it’s kind of catchy in its own way – but it is a bit too heavily bass laden.

Advance Wars game has been ported to GBA and Nintendo Virtual Console (2014).