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Wario, the evil enemy of our dear friend Super Mario, has starred in countless titles for consoles such as GBA, Nintendo 64, SNES, and more. On MyEmulator.online you can play the best Wario games 100% free unblocked from the comfort of your PC or Mac computer.

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Your fun is our goal. That’s why our Wario games unblocked collection contains only the best, funniest and most addictive games for you to play alone or with friends.

Wario (AKA ワリオ in Japan), created by Nintendo, is a very famous and popular video game character among kids, young people and adults. It first appeared in Super Mario Land 2 (Game Boy) and since then has appeared and starred in many platform games, puzzle, adventure and even fighting. In many of them, he’s the main archenemy of Mario.

Use our free emulator and enjoy the best games for Game Boy, Nintendo DS, N64 and many other systems. We give you hours of guaranteed fun because we know you like to play as much or more than we do.