Sunset Riders - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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Sunset Riders

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Release year: 1993 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Konami

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Sunset Riders (AKA サンセットライダーズ Sansetto Raidāzu in Japan) is a side-scrolling game with a run-and-gun type of gameplay developed by Konami for the Super Nintendo console (SNES). The protagonist/s had to dodge cattle stampedes, ride a steed along a rogue train, pursue a runaway stagecoach, exchange bullets with other cowboys inside a tavern, leap over logs, and fight while atop a running train. And all of these sceneries had to be crammed into an 8Mbit cartridge. It was a mean feat for Konami!

Sunset Riders was an arcade center hit. And why wouldn’t it be? There were very few cowboy related games the way Konami has incorporated beautiful graphics with such smooth gameplay made sure that this was to be one quarter chugging machine. And when the time had come to port this into a 16-bit home gaming console, did the developers give the game justice?

Sunset Riders Cover Box

Sunset Riders Cover (SNES)

Those who have played the arcade version of Sunset Riders will attest on how smooth the controls were. It had to be because it’s a fast paced game and hiccups are not something to be forgiven. The number of buttons available to work with on SNES ensured that the controls are just as good when playing the game in the console.

The Sunset Riders arcade game was a real beauty as far as graphics is concerned. Arcade machines have dedicated hardware for a particular game so there are plenty of memory addresses to work with. Developers for the SNES port had no choice but to cut the number of multiplayers from four to one. Colors had to be cut, too. But the result is nevertheless gorgeous.

Sound effects had to change, too because of SNES’ hardware limitations but the essence of the tunes and sound effects from the arcade version remained.

Sunset Riders game has been ported to Arcade, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (this version) and Sega Genesis.

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