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Release year: 1993 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Nintendo

Star Fox (SNES)

In 1993, games enthusiasts saw Star Fox (AKA Starwing EUR or スターフォックス Sutā Fokkusu JAP) barrel rolling right into their SNES box. Nintendo, game developer and publisher, intended it to be the one to epitomize the capabilities of the new Super FX chip that the company has produced for the SNES console.

The FX chip allowed for straightforward polygonal graphics that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible on the SNES system without it. Nintendo was fervently hoping the new chip would help lengthen the life of their SNES for many more years and customers would postpone any intent of purchasing a new console.

Star Fox stunned players with its graphics. The polygonal capabilities were never before seen except in technologically-demanding arcade games or high-end PCs. When you start the game, you will be greeted by a grand Star-Wars-themed opening, where you will see awesome polygons forming a huge war ship. The ship was sent by the evil-planning nemesis Andross. He is out to conquer the home planet of the game’s hero Fox McCloud.

You will play as Fox, a first-rate pilot and you will work with a four-man team. Your job is to crush aliens attacking your home called Corneria. To win the game, you and your squadron are equipped with warships called Arwings.

The controls for the game are simple and quick to respond – giving you an easy time shooting, decelerating, accelerating and warding off shots by using the barrel roll technique. Responsive controls will give you an easy time knowing how to effectively maneuver or handle your aircraft.

The levels, with their varying difficulty, will be your WOW moments in the game. Every level has its own unique obstacles and adversaries. You will destroy a gigantic armada, capital ships and something that appears to be a big space fish.

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One word we can use to describe the entire game system for Star Fox is the word “pushy”. It possesses all qualities that Nintendo is known for. It is ambitious. You can say that with this game, Nintendo has forever changed the rail shooter game genre.

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Star Fox
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Star Fox