Sonic Wings - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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Sonic Wings

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Release year: 1992 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Video System

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Sonic Wings (AKA Aero Fighters, ソニックウィングス Sonikku~uingusu in Japan) is a 2D vertical scrolling shoot ’em up video game developed and published by Video System for the Super NES / SNES console in 1992.

It started out as an arcade game by the now-defunct McO’River, Inc., and it definitely looks and feels like it. The controls are extremely simple – the D-pad for movement, the Y button is for firing, and the B-button is for the special attack – so as not to be a distraction in this trigger happy extravaganza. The background design does its job, but is not much to look at. That might sound like a flaw, but with this type of game, where you’re just going through your merry path of destruction, there’s not much use for eyecandy.

The storyline and characters are equally simple. You get to choose from four characters to play as, namely Blaster Keaton (USA), Hien (Japan), Kohful The Viking, and Viliam Syd Pride (U.K.). Each character has his own motivation in going on this mission, but it really all boils down to destroying everything and everyone in your path.

Sonic Wings Cover Box

Sonic Wings Cover (SNES JAP / SFC)

Throughout this high-speed, vertical scrolling adventure, Sonic Wings lets you pick up power-ups that’ll make blowing up your enemies much easier and more fun. There’s the P item that increases your weapon’s level, and then the F item that charges it up to its highest level but only for a limited amount of time. Despite those power-ups, this is not the type of game that coddles gamers. It’s relatively difficult, so don’t expect to breeze through it.

At the start of the game, you get three lives, and you’ll need to score 200,000 points to get another one. Your enemies’ bullets and beams of death scatter across the screen, making them challenging to dodge. Death is even harder to avoid during boss battles, where even the most dexterous of thumbs will be put to the test. The escalation of the difficulty was designed masterfully so that your heart-pounding button mashing never slows down.

This game is relatively It’ll keep you playing until your fingers ache and your eyes dry up, and you’ll want to keep going until you beat it. Or, maybe you’ll end up smashing your controller against the floor in frustration; whichever comes first.

Sonic Wings may be a short and simple game (just seven levels long), but it makes up for it by being challenging and jam-packed with action and excitement.

Sonic Wings game has been ported to Arcade, Super NES (this version), and Sony PlayStation 2.

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