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Puzzle Bobble - Bust-a-Move

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Release year: 1994 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Taito

Released in 1995, Puzzle Bobble (AKA Bust-a-Move or パズルボブル Pazuru Boburu in Japan), a nice 2D puzzle arcade game, made full use of the SNES’ graphical and processing prowess.

Clearly one of the best things about Puzzle Bobble is its visuals. The bubbles’ popping effects and the adorable dinosaurs moving at the bottom of the screen make the title really memorable.

Despite being bright and loud, the aesthetics doesn’t confuse or distract. It actually helps a lot in keeping track of what’s happening onscreen.

Puzzle Bobble - Bust-a-Move Cover Box

The animations are impressive as well. You’ll see the little dinosaurs cranking the arrow as you make your move. Likewise, the enemies falling down each time the bubbles burst adds to the overall detail.

The game isn’t just about looks though, as it has a rather catchy tune. Of course, this isn’t anything complex and it’s essentially looped across all stages, but it makes the action so much fun and upbeat.

Even the audio effects whenever you clear a round and the audible “ready, go!” at the start of each stage have become so iconic. You won’t mistake it for any other game once you’ve heard its tunes.

It’s clear the developers know just how important it is to have responsive controls. Everything moves smoothly, making it easy to aim at the right angles and for the correct colors.

You’ll really appreciate how snappy the controls are once you’ve reached the more difficult stages. You know that even during the most tense moments, you won’t be worrying about input lag or anything similar.

Although the game’s impressive in almost every way, it still isn’t perfect. It seems its developers weren’t able to create the ideal middle ground for casuals and enthusiasts.

The difficulty increases slowly at the start and yet, there’s a sudden noticeable spike when you’ve gone through a number of stages. Surely, this isn’t the right approach as it might bore experts and frustrate beginners.

All in all, despite the pacing issue, there’s no puzzler for the SNES that comes close to Puzzle Bobble – Bust-a-Move. Even if you’re not into color-matching games, you should try it at least once.