Go Go Ackman - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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Go Go Ackman

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Release year: 1994 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Banpresto

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Go Go Ackman (AKA Go! Go! Ackman, ゴーゴーアックマン Gō Gō Akkuma in Japan) is a 2D adventure platform video game developed by Banpresto for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom) in 1994. It is originally a manga series by the known Akira Toriyama, the one who created the legendary Dragon Ball Series, probably the reason why the Protagonist in Go Go Ackman looks similar to Trunks from Dragon Ball.

Go Go Ackman Cover Box

Go Go Ackman Cover (SNES JAP Super Famicom)

The game story is similar to the manga where it follows the main character Ackman on his quest to collect souls. Ackman is a demon child that follows the commands of the Devil and his mission to slay the Angel Army so that he can collect enough souls. He is accompanied by a flying monster called Goodon, who serves as the collector of souls every time Ackman kills an enemy.

Go Go Ackman’s gameplay has similarity to the Super Mario Game, primarily because of the linear gameplay where Ackman moves forward and backward, he can jump, gain weapons and attack using punch and kick, somehow a similar tactic to the Super Mario Bros. game.

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Gaining a weapon is will definitely help Ackman to finish the different levels but if he gets hit, he will lose the weapon he has acquired. The main character can also bring a maximum of 3 bombs per play, these are powerful weapons, as it can destroy all the enemies that are visible. The graphics of the game are amazing and uses the colours in a very creative way, it has similar graphical representation to the Dragon Ball Series but it still has its own flavour.

You can finish the game in a short time, with some levels easier than others to go through. Since Ackman has a limited number of lives, it is very important that you pay attention to the enemies that are around you so that you can save each one. Goodon makes sure that for every 100 souls you get, you’ll receive an additional life, but it pays to save what lives you do have to prepare for the final boss battle.

Go Go Ackman game has only been ported to the SNES (Super Famicom).