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Release year: 1992 | Players: 1 players | Developed by Capcom

Final Fight Guy is a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up video game developed and published by Capcom for the Super NES (SNES) console in 1992. It is an alternate version to the original Fight Fight, and the main characters are Guy and Haggar (not Cody). Guy is a small dude with amazing fast moves, while Haggar is simply his opposite.

Each character has unique attributes and fighting styles. The game begins after picking a character. Health gauges show up for both the main characters and their enemies.

Grab your enemy by walking into him. You can damage your enemy by pressing the attack button or tossing him by slanting the joystick to the left or right. You can throw him once again to gain additional damage and points.

You can get different items like the weapons and health kits. The weapons are great, but they have limitations. They may disappear if an enemy disarms you and when you move to another area.

The visuals of this Final Fight game are good. It has these impressive transitions among specialized backgrounds, character sprites, and animations.

The sound effects in this SNES title are good enough but not anything special. Truth be told, compared to the original, this port is worse in both sound effects and overall sound quality.

The SNES controller is perfect for a game like Final Fight Guy. The buttons are easy to use just like the D-pad. The developer made this even easier by making the buttons do all the functions of your character. You can effortlessly attack enemies with a single press—no combinations required.

Pros & Cons


  • Good graphics
  • The controls are easy to use
  • More weapons and extras


  • Lackluster sound effects

Final Fight Guy has the original gameplay, but this one features Guy, not Cody. The rest is just as usual. You will meet a boss in the latter part of every stage. Beat him to step up and unlock the next stage. The graphics are great, but the sounds are not so pleasing.

All things considered though, the game is quite enjoyable and should be a great pick if you’re currently binging on retro titles.

Final Fight Guy - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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