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Release year: 1995 | Players: Multiplayer | Developed by Electronic Arts

FIFA Soccer 96 (AKA FIFA 96: Virtual Soccer Stadium) is a soccer (sports) video game developed by Extended Play Productions and released by Electronic Arts in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and other platforms. It is the third installment of the FIFA soccer series.

There’s a reason why FIFA Soccer 96 for the SNES is considered a classic. It is so much fun to play because it is remarkably immersive. And considering the technology at the time of its release, the gameplay is pretty realistic!

It still features 2d graphics so it has that old-school feel. After all, it runs on the same engine as FIFA 95. More importantly, FIFA 96 also has the features that made FIFA 95 the best soccer game released during its time. These features include massive improvements in actual mechanics such as set-pieces, passing, and goal-keeping.

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One of the best things about FIFA Soccer 96 is that the gameplay is pretty deep. There are so many teams to choose from and you have complete control of the entire team’s actions. You can own score goals by making use of the moves that real life soccer players do such as bicycle kicks, slide tackles, and diving headers. You can switch from one player to the other and even plan strategies. You get to choose which play to make.

There are different kinds of modes. You can play against a friend, play in a coop game with a friend, or play against the computer. So whether or not you have a friend who likes retro sports titles, you’ll be able to enjoy this one.

Scoring a goal in this game is easy, but not to the point that it’s boring. You can feel a good level of challenge, but not to the point that you will feel frustrated. This is probably the game’s highest advantage over others. It keeps a balance between fun and challenge.

The choices in camera angle and the simple play controls add to the fun. It has a more complex interface that may seem confusing for the complete beginner but if you know your retro sports titles or you’ve been playing with your SNES for some time, you’ll do just fine. Just like the 95 version, FIFA Soccer 96 has pretty responsive controls.

Well, we are talking about the kind of technology that was available in the early 1990s. It’s not as detailed as today’s games, as evidenced by its weather condition controls which do not really feature weather changes but only make adjustments to the brightness settings. The music and sound design is pretty good though. The crowd sounds are pretty awesome!

The Super Nintendo version of FIFA Soccer 96 is a scaled down version of the FIFA 96 title released in other platforms such as the PlayStation. This does not mean that it’s any less fun! It remains to be one of the best retro soccer games today.

It has been ported to Windows, DOS, Sega 32X, Sega Genesis, SNES (this version), Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn.