F-Zero - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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Release year: 1991 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Nintendo EAD

F-Zero (SNES) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

F-Zero (AKA エフゼロ Efu Zero) is a futuristic racing game developed by Nintendo for the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It was the precursor to Wipeout and the latter had a big shoe to fill. Featuring hovercrafts instead of futuristic cars, Nintendo had a hit with this futuristic racer.

Gameplay for the F-Zero on SNES was nothing short of amazing as it perfectly balances between fast-paced play and depth. Gamers have four hovercrafts to choose from, each one with unique parameters. Selecting the best hovercraft for the chosen track will help ease the task of finishing the race. There are no competitive or cooperative two-player mode, however, but that doesn’t mean the game is not fun.

Controls are simple as what is to be expected from a racing game. Gamers don’t want to be bothered by complex button combination as they snake their way through curling laps. They just need to know how to accelerate, brake, and lean to either the right or left side in order to drift.

F-Zero cover box (US)

F-Zero Cover (SNES)

F-Zero was a graphical feat when it was released on the Super NES. It’s a proven fact that racing games can be boring at times. To negate that effect, Nintendo had to be innovative with the graphics in the game. And it all paid off, although the eye candy can be quite dated by today’s standards, it was a phenomenon when it was released. Colors are popping out and animation transitions are smooth and seamless.

Another factor to keeping the gamers from sleeping through the game is by bombarding their eardrums with heart stomping music and sound effects. F-Zero was never short of those and fans can’t be glad enough. Uniformly excellent music is played throughout the game and on various levels.

F-Zero was an amazing game presentation and remains up there with the best of the classics. With different levels that can be configured to increase difficulty, it can keep gamers replaying the game for a long time.

F-Zero has been ported to SNES, Virtual Console and Super Nintendo Classic Mini.