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Release year: 1994 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Bandai

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3 (AKA ドラゴンボールZ 超武闘伝3, Doragon Bōru Zetto Chō Butōden Surī; lit. “Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story 3” in Japan) is a 2D fighting video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1994. It has two gameplay modes – VS (or versus) mode for 2 players and a Martial Arts Tournament mode. It was followed by Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension (1996).

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3 features ten playable characters from the Majin Buu Saga – most of them we came to know from the popular TV series Dragon Ball Z (Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Gohan, Majin Vegeta, etc.). This is a different set of characters from that of Super Butouden 2’s. How refreshing.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3 Cover Box

One noticeable thing, however, is that unlike its predecessors, Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3 has no Story Mode. Instead, the Tournament Mode seems to double as one – when a character is crowned the champion, the story ends and credits start to roll. Due to this, many people prefer the first two Super Butōden titles.

Going into other elements, this last installment to the SNES Butouden series actually has the best visuals of them all. The graphics are even better detailed than in Butoden 2. Additionally, though split screen still existed, you can now fly up or down while on the same screen as your challenger.

As for the music, it is not really that striking, though sound effects are good. These elements may or may not affect gameplay, depending on the player. It is understandable, though, that we cannot go all “Cha-la, head-cha-la…” on this one since it’s a game, not a TV show. But, it would be really nice to have that song as part of the DBZ games. We’ll have to see about that.

Not one to disappoint its million fans worldwide, Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 3 for the SNES once again proved to be a video game masterpiece despite its lack of storyline and some really nice music. Great graphics and overall gameplay more than made up for these. Play it online now and… Check it out!