Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden - Super Nintendo (SNES)
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Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden

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Release year: 1993 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Bandai

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden (SNES) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden (AKA DBZ: Super Butōden or ドラゴンボールZ 超武闘伝 スーパーぶとうでん Doragon Bōru Zetto Sūpā Butōden, Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story in Japan) is a 1 vs. 1 fighting game developed by Bandai and released for the Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1993. It was the first DBZ game launched out of Japan and the second in the DBZ SNES saga, after Super Saiya Densetsu.

As the first installment on the DBZ: Super Butouden series, it might be the weakest in the graphics department, but what it lacked with visuals, it more than made up for in strategy and secrets. Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden is a fighting game, and although it may not be Street Fighter 2 level, it has a deeper story.

1vs1 fighting games all have something in common. You jump, kick, and punch. Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden redefines the fighting game field by introducing the split-screen mode that appears if characters are far away from each other. This gave the game a bit of strategy factor because you can avert direct confrontation to take another approach.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden Cover Box

The controls in Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden are fluid and exact. You press a button and the corresponding movement is done in an instant. In a sense, you become the warrior you have chosen because of this connection. There is an option to configure super moves that you can execute automatically. You can also play in turbo or slow motion… KAME HAME HA!

The developers have given a lot of thought and time on the looks of the characters and how they move. And maybe that’s why they forgot that they also need to take care of the background. The backgrounds can range from miserable to non-existent. Fights made up in the air only have a white wall for a backdrop. The smooth animation and big characters might not be enough to save this game in the visuals area.

Compared to other Goku games, the music in this game is crap. There’s cheap, high-pitched kung-fu sounds everywhere. If only the ki attack sounds are enough to save the audio.

To fully appreciate the Butoden trilogy, Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden is a must. But maybe you need to lower your expectations. The game has only been ported to the SNES.