Star Fox 64 - Nintendo 64 (N64)
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Star Fox 64

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Release year: 1997 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Nintendo EAD

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Star Fox 64 (AKA Lylat Wars in Europe or スターフォックス64 Sutā Fokkusu Rokujūyon in Japan) is a 3D space shoot ’em up video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 console in 1997. This is the only game in the Star Fox series to be released on the N64.

The first Star Fox was one of the SNES’ greatest games. It was, after all, a full 3D space shooter on a 16 bit system. It was one of the most memorable games on Nintendo’s award winning platform.

Star Fox 64 continues the tradition of the franchise by being a stand out title in Nintendo’s succeeding platform, the Nintendo 64. Star Fox 64 is more of a reboot rather than a sequel. It disregards the event that happened in the previous game and tells the story all over again with greater depth.

Star Fox 64 Cover Box

Star Fox 64 Cover (N64)

The reboot’s story was done well. The old cast of characters such as Falco Lombardi, Pepper Hare, and Slippy Toad all make a return. New characters such as Bill and Krsytal do a good job of expanding the character roster and making the Star Fox universe feel bigger than it was in the previous installment.

The plot of Star Fox 64 is still pretty much the same with Andross being the big bad guy whom the Star Fox squadron has to defeat. What’s interesting is that each level has a much more cinematic presentation such as one level which was clearly inspired by Independence Day. It adds a sense of immersion absent in the previous game.

Presentation itself has improved significantly. While the last installment was in 3D, the Nintendo 64’s better hardware allowed Nintendo’s developers to create a game with better graphics, higher visual fidelity and more consistent frame rates. It was great to see Fox McCloud and the gang zip through space on an entirely new and beefier console.

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The game play is still pretty solid. There are moments where the player gets to use a tank and a submarine for added variety. The execution of these levels could have been done a lot better, but still do a good job of giving the player a refreshing break from all the barrel rolling in the Arwing.

Overall, Star Fox 64 is a good game to play for anyone looking for a retro game to play on their Nintendo 64 system. Today, the game usually fetches a price of about $30. But… You can play it online here, on

Star Fox 64 game has been ported to Nintendo 64 (this version), and Nintendo 3DS.