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Release year: 2000 | Players: 1-4 players | Developed by Hudson Soft

Mario Party 3 (N64) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Mario Party 3 (AKA マリオパーティ 3, Mario Pāti Torowa in Japan) is a multiplayer board game developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo for the N64 in 2000. The game followed the success of its predecessors with the warm reception from gaming communities back then. It was ranked 25th among the top best-selling N64 games, according to CESA Games White Papers.

Although it ranked lower in sales than the first two instalments (Mario Party and Mario Party 2 at 16th and 20th, respectively), the game is claimed to be even better than its predecessors.

When it comes to gameplay, the game remains much the same. It retains the same board game environment littered with mini-games. It also kept the steal stars feature, which keeps the game interesting (while testing friendships). Various boards are still on offer and bonus items may still be acquired. However, players get to carry three items at once instead of just one while moving around the board.

Mario Party 3 Cover Box

Mario Party 3 Cover (N64)

This game is the first Mario Party game to feature duel maps, where two combatants play with a partner each. The objective was to either collect more stars or to deplete the opponent pair’s hearts. The game also introduced two additional characters, Waluigi and Princess Daisy, expanding the family of characters from the Mario universe.

In addition to the duel mode, there is also a story mode you can beat on hard difficulty to unlock super hard difficulty for the game. The plot features Mario and friends arguing over who gets the biggest Superstar, only this time, the star is alive and calls itself “the Millenium Star”.

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Because of its almost revolutionary introductions to the game, Mario Party 3 elicited widely differing views from fans. Some loved its new additions to the game but many of these were not carried over to the succeeding games when the series transferred to a new console.

With 70 new mini-games, it offers something new to be enjoyed even by fans from the first instalment. Its music, graphics and overall gameplay makes it a memorable contribution to the series on the Nintendo 64 console.

Overall, Mario Party 3 offers a fresh and enjoyable gaming experience. For those looking for a game to play with friends, this one will be a good choice if you loved Nintendo and the Mario series.

Mario Party 3 game has only been ported to Nintendo 64.

Mario Party 3 - Nintendo 64 (N64)
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