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Release year: 1998 | Players: 1-4 players | Developed by Hudson Soft

Mario Party (N64) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Mario Party (AKA マリオパーティ , Mario Pāti in Japan) is a 3D multiplayer party (mini-games) video game developed by Hudson Soft, the same guys responsible for the classic Bomberman games, and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 console in 1998. It is the first instalment in an ongoing party game series and was followed by Mario Party 2 (1999) and Mario Party 3 (2000). The game rode the hype sparked by the N64 console and Super Mario 64 in 1996.

Mario Party opens with a cartoon scene where Mario and his friends argue on who among them is the biggest SuperStar. Before things heat up, Toad steps in and suggests they set on an adventure through the Warp Pipe in Mushroom City to test their skills and settle their argument once and for all.

Mario Party Cover Box

Mario Party Cover (N64)

The gameplay is almost intuitive. It’s a board game where Mario characters like Princess Peach, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Yoshi battle it out in mini-games to collect the most stars and get to the finish line first. Mario Party’s simplicity attracted gamers of all ages when it was released.

True to its name, this game is best enjoyed with a party of three other players to raise the difficulty in each of the mini-games. Playing this game solo can be a bore because you can get stuck watching game animations as computer opponents make their move after you.

Game mechanics are also made interesting by the capability to take away fellow players’ stars via winning mini-games. The assortment of boards and addition of unlockables add to the fun of the game and creates a competitive atmosphere that any group of adults or kids would surely enjoy.

Get ready for the party!

All this is accompanied by a soundtrack that evokes a competitive yet cheerful atmosphere. Players are sure they’re not dealing with major boss fights or dark dungeons anywhere in the game with this type of music. Graphics and design are also impressive especially for a retro game.

Overall, Mario Party was a successful hit for Nintendo game enthusiasts worldwide. Although it didn’t fare as well in Japan as in Western countries, it was still ranked 16th among the Top 45 best-selling Nintendo 64 games, according to CESA Games White Papers.

As expected from the partnership of two mega-gaming corporations, Mario Party established a name which continues to thrive today in different consoles.

Mario Party game has only been ported to N64.

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