Zombie Nation - Nintendo NES
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Zombie Nation

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Release year: 1990 | Players: 1 player | Developed by KAZe

Zombie Nation (NES) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Zombie Nation (AKA 暴れん坊天狗 Abarenbou Tengu in Japan) is a shoot ’em up NES game developed by KAZe and published by Meldac in 1990. The game is set in 1999 when a meteor-looking object crashed in Nevada. But it is not a meteor but an evil alien creature called Darc Seed. As a villain, he has dark rays that turned everyone into zombies and allowed him to control some of the country’s most powerful weapons including the legendary samurai sword, Shura.

Zombie Nation Cover Box

Zombie Nation Cover (NES)

Upon discovery of the said samurai, Shura awakened Namakubi, head of the samurai and owner of the said sword. Through the samurai’s mystical powers, Namakubi was able to project his head across the globe to protect the world and reclaim his sword.

At its core, Zombie Nation is a traditional horizontal 2D shoot’ em up game on the NES console. In this game, the player controls the holographic representation of Namakubi’s head by shooting down enemies and destroying buildings that get in the way. Unlike other similar games, this game does not have cool ships or planes. It is only Namakubi’s giant bald head shooting off pellets and spitting chunks of some liquid nastiness — which look suspiciously like vomit — to its enemies.

The player goes through 4 levels representing different parts of the United States — from New York to California — set with varying backgrounds. Graphics are distinct with skillfully drawn cityscapes, industrial areas, mountainous ranges, and the flat desert.

Each of the levels has 3 parts, including a boss stage. You can choose the stage and difficulty level at the start of the game. However, the easy and hard levels have very little to no actual difference at all.

Zombie Nation has some of the catchiest tunes in the video game platform. You can hear the drumbeats and feel the pulse of the background music, which add to the game’s intense and horrific appeal.

One thing you will definitely notice is that it is an intense and fast-paced gameplay especially compared to other 2D shoot ’em up games on the NES. The characters move too fast that it becomes difficult and tricky to control and navigate. Also, even if it’s titled Zombie Nation, zombies only make up about 10% of the game. Well, only 10% visible zombies that is. It could be that the zombies themselves are flying the planes and driving the tanks that Namakubi needs to fight off enemies.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good zombie game, you better skip this one. It is an okay game but not worth your time. Better look elsewhere for your zombie fix.

Zombie Nation game has only been ported to Nintendo NES.