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Release year: 1986 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Konami

The Goonies (AKA グーニーズ or Gūnīzu in Japan) is a 2D platform video game developed and released by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console.

It is based on a 1986 movie with the same name. The movie was a big hit to kids of all ages, but the game was not officially added to NES. Instead, it was released on cartridge and offered on the PlayChoice 10 gaming platform. After nearly two years since its launch, The Goonies was re-released in Family Computer Disk System.

In The Goonies, you first control a boy named Mikey. You need to help him go through six different environments that are full of pipes, doors, and platforms. The goal is to collect Mikey’s six friends and gather all the keys for the current stage. While racing through time, you must enter every door you find to achieve your objectives before the time is up. After getting all your pals and keys, you have to reach the spiked door designed with skulls to move onto the next stage.

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The Goonies is a platform title where you need to jump between platforms, avoid obstacles, battle menacing villains, and uncover passages. It is a thrilling adventure game wherein a single slip could mean your death. Aside from the heart-racing jumps that you need to perfect, you must also battle dozens of foes to release your friends.

The rats are your main enemies, and they wander back and forth to kill your character. It is easy to dodge their attacks if they only go from right to left; however, they can also jump and turn into a fox or a weasel. But, if you’re an experienced gamer, you can immediately learn the algorithms of the rats. This is because their movements and ability to transform depends on their color.

Sure, you now know how to fend off the rodent infestation in The Goonies, but don’t forget about the bats, flying skulls, and one-eyed Willie’s ghost who will constantly chase and spook you. Unlike your other enemies, Willie can sing and climb ladders, and he is always in pursuit of you. The last foes are the Fratelli Brothers; they are stronger and more fearsome than the one-eyed pirate.

Even though The Goonies was never released on the NES console, thousands of players still enjoyed playing it. It has the same addictive gameplay as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Gathering health, weapons, friends, and keys while kicking and shooting your enemies is a classic appeal of video games.

It has been ported to Arcade, Family Computer / NES (this version), Disk System, PC-8801, and X1.