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Release year: 1988-1990 | Players: 1 player | Developed by LucasFilm Games

Maniac Mansion (NES)

Maniac Mansion has the honor and distinction of being one of the graphic adventures (point and click games) that got ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1988. The game was released in an era where games of this genre thrived in being able to deliver an adventure that most other genres were technically unable to give. The sequel of this game is Day of the Tentacle.

Maniac Mansion’s premise is simple enough. Dave and his group of friends come together to form a rag tag bunch of misfits so they can raid the house of the local mad scientist who has kidnapped Dave’s cheerleader girlfriend to suck her brains out for an experiment. Yup, the premise is really something that was representative of the kids lost in the woods or a creep’s house era.

It is by no means scary or creepy though, at least at times it does try to be, probably to try and live up to the expectations setup by the premise. What makes the game’s premise great is the approach or LucasFilm Games’ approach to the game. Much of the game’s entertainment value is a result of the tongue in cheek self-deprecating humor littered throughout Maniac Mansion and its dialogue. The game affords players plenty of laughs at the developers’ own expense.

Maniac Mansion Cover Box

Maniac Mansion Cover (NES)

The graphics of Maniac Mansion is nothing by today’s standards, but it was at the time one of the most visually well-crafted games to have ever been produced. Few games could reach the same level of visual presentation that the game offered gamers at the time of its release.

This game however, suffers from a few cutbacks and flaws. Maniac Mansion for the NES failed to reproduce the kind of graphics that was available in the original PC release. Furthermore, cycling through the fifteen options of interaction using the D-pad of the NES console could be tedious and time consuming. This was especially true for prolonged hours of play. Most of all, the NES port was heavily censored, leaving out much of the suggestive humor prevalent throughout the game.

All in all though, Maniac Mansion was an amazing game on its home platform. The NES version left a lot of the content out that it gravely crippled its entertainment value.

Maniac Mansion has been ported to Commodore 64, Apple II, IBM PC, Amiga, Atari ST, and Nintendo Entertainment System (this version). Don’t worry, you can play it here online. Go to the top of the page!

Maniac Mansion - Nintendo NES
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